Gitanjali and Beyond Issue 11; Tagore and Science: From Poetics to Politics

On 30 November 1917, Jagadish Chandra Bose – Tagore’s good friend and fellow Bengali polymath – opens his own research institute. For Bose, newly retired from his position as Professor in Physics at Presidency College Calcutta, the Bose Research Institute is a lifelong dream come true. For the occasion, Tagore composes a song that remains the institute’s official anthem to this day. Read more

Gitanjali and Beyond 9 – Sustainability and Secularism

Victory to Him, whose voice thunders forth Truth. Whose right arm smites the unrighteous, Whose guidance leads mortals across death! (chanted by the devotees to Bhairava [1])… The issue of Sustainability and Secularism was scheduled to be published in the summer of 2023 as we felt it was a crucial subject in today’s world which faces the devastating impact of the climate crisis and the rise of religious intolerance across the world. Read more

Gitanjali and Beyond 8 – Special Issue: Precarious Lives, Uncertain Futures

In his essay, ‘Wealth and Welfare’, Rabindranath says, Property is [the] medium for the expression of our personality…. “Our highest social training is to make our property the richest expression of the best in us, of that which is universal, of our individuality whose greatest illumination is love. As individuals are the units that build the community, so property is the unit of wealth that makes for communal prosperity when it is alive to its function. Our wisdom lies not in destroying separateness of units, but in maintaining the spirit of unity in its full strength.’ [1]. 623- 624, 1930) Read more

Gitanjali and Beyond Issue 7: Special Issue – Organiverse

When Natasha van Bentum first wrote to me about her husband, Henri van Bentum’s 100 Mandalas which have been structured as reflections on Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali poems, I was intrigued. I asked Natasha to send me samples of this project, and she was willing to send me the entire opus of Organiverse and Gitanjali. Read more